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Texas Tech WR T.J. Vasher receives racist Facebook message

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at West Virginia

College football can bring out the worst in some fans. That happen to Texas Tech wide receiver T.J. Vasher in a Facebook message from a West Virginia fan.

Vasher has since deleted the tweet, but I’ve learned my lesson in these instances so I took a screenshot.

















Ridiculous and unacceptable. I’m find with people like Vasher exposing these cowards who are either ignorant or dumb enough to think these private messages can’t be shared with the world to make them look like the scum that they are.

King’s profile says he works as a corrections officer in West Virginia. As I said, I’m not a lawyer, but considering he’s a state employee, it’s probably much harder to fire him than if he were an employee of a private company. Either way, I wouldn’t want this guy anywhere near my workforce.

UPDATE: I was WRONG. King was fired.

One of the many responses Vasher received was spot on:

Vasher went off against the Mountaineers with a career-high 113 receiving yards and two touchdowns.

Obviously the P.O.S. West Virginia fan doesn’t represent 99.9% of the Mountaineers’ fan base, but it’s more than disappointing to see stories like this out there.

As Vasher said best in his tweet, “it’s 2017, bruh.” 

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