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Big 12 coaches in their own words: Week 9

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In a new feature this season, here is the best quote of the week from every Big 12 coach from the weekly Monday morning teleconference that the media participates in. The order will be based on the order that the coaches speak in, no other rhyme or reason. I’ll give a little reaction to those comments below each quote.


David Beaty, Kansas Jayhawks

Beaty was asked if he looks to turnarounds like Bill Snyder’s at Kansas State: “Absolutely. I think you look to Frank Beamer at Virginia Tech, I look at Bill Self at Oral Roberts. It’s a process, it isn’t an event. Belief in your plan and staying the course. That’s why I hired who I have. They are relentless. They believe in the plan and they are determined to make this thing right.” 

Those comparisons would have worked in Year 1 or Year 2. But by Year 3, there has to be some semblance of improvement and there just hasn’t been at KU. After going 1-10 his first year, Snyder’s team improved to 5-6 and then 7-4 by Year’s 2 and 3. Bill Self at Oral Roberts went 6-21, 10-17 and 18-9 by Year 3. Frank Beamer at Virginia Tech: 5-6, 2-8-1, and 9-3 by Year 3. Find me how Beaty’s trajectory is comparable? I’m really rooting for him, but using those examples are factually inaccurate.

Lincoln Riley, Oklahoma Sooners

“”He [Baker Mayfield] had a tough time, but he’s rebounded well.”

Riley explained his usage of Kyler Murray on Saturday had much to do with Baker Mayfield’s shoulder, which was not healthy for most of the past week. Riley also noted that Mayfield did not practice most of last week either. He’s likely not giving us a full diagnosis on that shoulder, but I’m interested to see how things go on Saturday against the Mountaineers. OU will need Mayfield and the offense to keep pace with West Virginia and Oklahoma State these next two weeks.

Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State Cowboys

“We’ll find out a lot more tomorrow afternoon.”

That was Gundy referencing his offensive line. Boy he better hope they get healthy very soon. They struggled mightily against the Texas defense last weekend and now play West Virginia and Oklahoma, who are both in the top half of the conference in sacks in Big 12 play. Mason Rudolph and this offense makes its living on the threat of the deep ball. But if Rudolph doesn’t have time to sit in the pocket and get the ball downfield, it drastically changes how this offense will play moving forward.

Bill Snyder, Kansas State Wildcats

“It would be Jesse’s if he’s 100% healthy, which we anticipate he will be.” 

The Kansas Jayhawks are a good team to come back and work off the rust against. Alex Delton played admirably last week, but can he really carry the ball 27 times a game week in, week out, and survive a season? The Wildcats clearly don’t trust Delton in the passing game, so bringing Ertz back will make Kansas State less predictable than they became last week against the Sooners.


Dana Holgorsen, West Virginia Mountaineers

“We got complacent a bit.”


Holgorsen admitted this happened in the fourth quarter of Saturday’s game against the Baylor Bears. WELL COACH, YOU COST ME MONEY with that complacency!! In all seriousness, the Mountaineers have had moments against TCU, Texas Tech and Baylor, where they have seemed to lose focus during the game. Baylor was just the latest, and worst, example. With Oklahoma State and Iowa State coming up, there is no margin for error to become complacent or lose focus.

Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech Red Raiders

“I think it was a little bit of both.” 

Kingsbury was only on the conference call for three minutes and amazingly no one asked about why his offense has struggled the past six quarters (I’m at Sports Illustrated on Mondays and cannot get on the call to ask questions). This answer was in reference to whether running the Air Raid is fun because of the system or because of the wins it (theoretically creates). Since 2013, Kingsbury has the seventh-worst record in conference play for a head coach (remember, Beaty got to Kansas prior to 2015, so the stat is for coaches who have been at their current school since 2013). Kingsbury needs to get this ship turned around very quickly.

Matt Rhule, Baylor Bears 

“If we play today, Zach would be the quarterback. But our whole program was based on competition.”

Hold your horses, Baylor fans. Rhule confirmed that Smith was not feeling well on Saturday and that could have been to blame for his poor performance. I do wonder how long his leash is moving forward considering how good Brewer looked over those final 15 minutes. But considering the Bears are officially not making a bowl game this season, Rhule should give Brewer continued reps and see what he has in the freshman this fall. His redshirt is gone, so find out exactly what you have. This whole season is about preparing for 2018 and 2019. Rhule owes that to his team and fan base to find out more about Brewer.

Matt Campbell, Iowa State Cyclones

“That’s hard because I’ve always had so much respect for Kyle [Kempt].” 

Campbell answered this way when asked about if he made a mistake going with Jacob Park over Kyle Kempt. Sometimes we get caught up in arm strength, which Park possessed and helped make him a 4-star recruit out of high school. But when you think about the quarterback position, arm strength is far down the list compared accuracy, smarts, pocket mobility, and other things in analyzing the position. It’s easy to say Kempt has been better than Park, but there were plenty of reasons to believe Park was coming along at a nice clip based on what we saw last year and early this season. I can’t fault Campbell for that.


Gary Patterson, TCU Horned Frogs

“We’ve been here before… no matter what league you’re in you’ve got to win some games that aren’t going to be pretty. You’ve got to go to Lubbock, Ames, those are hard places to play.” 

Patterson is rightfully nervous over this loaded Iowa State group at wide receiver. From Allen Lazard to Hakeem Butler and Trever Ryen, there is a lot of talent, experience and depth for this unit. It will be the match up to watch on Saturday as TCU boasts the best secondary in the conference, allowing only 210 passing yards per game.

Tom Herman, Texas Longhorns

“I’ll address his status at our press conference at noon. But he was cleared to play the entire week.” 

For the record, I think Tom Herman is going to great things at Texas, but boy is a pain in the ass with the media sometimes. Why not just address it now? Oh, he’s probably worried someone might be tweeting about it before he finishes his 10-minute teleconference.

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