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Former Kansas State AD John Currie is (rightfully) getting crushed by Tennessee fans

john currie

When John Currie left Kansas State for Tennessee, he had to have known he might very well be in the market for a new head football coach sooner than later. Butch Jones went 9-4 last season and 4-4 in SEC play, a season where the Vols were expected to win the SEC East. Now this season, they’re 3-5, including an 0-5 mark in the SEC. But Currie has yet to pull the plug on the Jones run in Knoxville, which is really upsetting most of Vol Nation. Rightfully so.

In many ways, it appears from a distance like the job is too big for Currie to handle. Kansas State is not Tennessee in terms of pressure and expectations, but Currie should have known what he was getting into. Before his time at Kansas State, he worked at UT. Currie joined the University of Tennessee in 1997 as Executive Director of its Athletic Scholarship Fund. Other positions he held there included Executive Associate Athletic Director, Senior Associate Athletic Director, Associate Athletic Director for External Operations, and Assistant Athletic Director for Development.

But here’s another issue for Currie: he’s never had to hire a football coach. He became the Kansas State AD in 2009, after it was announced that Bill Snyder would be returning to coach the team. He also didn’t hire Frank Martin, but it’s widely reported that his fractured relationship with Martin is what led the head coach to jumping ship for South Carolina. That ended up with Bruce Weber in Manhattan. How’s that gone for both sides?

It’s nearly impossible to find any reason to keep Jones employed at this moment. Fire him, use an interim head coach (how much worse can it get?), and officially begin the search in Knoxville.

Curry is butchering this in a big way and as you’ll see below is not endearing himself to Vol Nation.

Here are the best (or worst) tweets, depending how you look at it, aimed at John Currie in recent days. Some of these are GOLD.


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