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Mike Gundy Halloween costumes are gold

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Texas

Every year sports fans across the country dress as their favorite players, coaches, analysts and more. In Oklahoma, Mike Gundy has always been a fan favorite (at least for Cowboys fans), but now as the legend of The Mullet continues to grow, literally, it’s made Halloween costumes for Pokes fans that much easier.

Here are some of the best Mike Gundy Halloween costumes in 2017.

Not bad… but he went hat over visor..?! Should’ve gone full visor!

Polo under the sweater look? Can’t say I’ve seen that one from Gundy too often.

This little fella is way ahead of his time…!

This youngster looks like he’s an OU fan but his dad is an OSU fan who forced him to dress as Gundy.

He says “not quite Gundy-esque.” We say, not even close! Good job, good effort.


Who did it best? Let us know in the comments!

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