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Rickie Fowler returns as College GameDay picker

Rickie Fowler College Gameday

Two years ago, Rickie Fowler was the College GameDay picker on ESPN when the popular television show was in Stillwater for Bedlam. Well, the star golfer is back for more!


If you recall, when Fowler was the picker two years ago, Lee Corso nearly killed him.


Despite his lack of a major championship in golf, Fowler has become a part of Oklahoma State’s brand in a very positive way. His flashy style, connection with Puma, the bright orange on the golf course is all quality advertising for Oklahoma State that the university can’t pay for.

According to the guys at Pistols Firing Blog, Garth Brooks and Dez Bryant were amongst the rumors. Frankly, I think Dez would’ve been a complete dud on the show. Garth would’ve been amazing, but really, what were the odds? The answer: zero. A quick 5-second Google search and you’ll realize he’s in Tacoma, Washington for a concert this weekend. Wasn’t going to happen.

So roll with Rickie. He’s personable, fun, rolls with the punches and does a great job. Oklahoma State could do much, much worse. It’s going to be a great event in Stillwater on Saturday morning.

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