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The SEC deserves four teams in the College Football Playoff

NCAA Football: Alabama at Mississippi State

It’s time we finally all just have to admit it. All of us who were convinced the SEC was having a down year need to eat our words, get on our knees, and worship the alter that Greg Sankey stands on.

The SEC is the fastest, most powerful, strongest, most athletic conference in the country and there is not a close second. As of Sunday, November 12th, here is how the College Football Playoff top four should look: Alabama, Auburn, Georgia and LSU. Now, please, hear me out here.

Alabama is the clear No. 1. They’re undefeated in the mightiest conference the sports world has ever seen. Auburn just went out and beat the previous #1 team in the country in Georgia, and did it in impressive fashion. But they do have two losses, so we can’t put them above Alabama just yet.

Georgia spent the first couple of weeks of the College Football Playoff rankings in the top spot, so even though they got smoked by 23 points, can we really drop them below the 3 spot? This is the SEC after all.

As for the four spot, I know this might be a little controversial, but LSU has beaten Auburn, who is now #2. Granted they have three losses. But their losses are to #1 Alabama, Mississippi State (who hung in with Alabama this weekend) and Troy. Don’t think Troy is a good loss? I beg to differ! Troy is 8-2 and just blew out Coastal Carolina 42-17. These Trojans do not mess around.

Plus, there are two people whose opinions I take very seriously in college football. One is Paul Finebaum. The other is Gary Danielson. These guys KNOW their college football. They are right down the middle, honest, fair broadcasters, who would never lead the average fan astray. Their intentions are always to just give us balanced perspective, no bias attached. Finebaum noted last week that Auburn should be #1 if they win out, despite their two losses. Who could argue with that analysis? Finebaum has no skin in the game, he’s just looking for the best football possible.

Lastly, I know there is a lot of football to be played. Some of you might be wondering about schools like Oklahoma, Clemson, Miami and Wisconsin. I agree, it kind of sucks for these schools. That’s why we are going to do them all a favor and just slide them down to the FCS level. It’s only fair.

We want these other programs that work so hard and have many talented players, granted not SEC talent, to get their participation trophies as well. Heck, they’re all good kids. It’s only right.

So there you have it, while there is still three weeks left for games to be decided, it’s Alabama, Auburn, Georgia and LSU in my top 4, with South Carolina and Mississippi State just on the outside looking in. It’s going to be a fun race to the finish line! S-E-C! S-E-C!

Editor’s note: This is a satirical piece, not intended to be taken literally in any way. My hope is that you realized this quickly, if not, maybe as late as the Finebaum part. That should have been a telltale sign. Finebaum is the ultimate clown, that’s why we had these tee shirts made mocking him. Either way, screw the SEC. The conference remains vastly overrated and can’t wait for them to get dumped on during bowl season. This article should have taken me 30 minutes to write, but because I could not stop laughing the entire time, it ended up being an hour. 

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