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Happy Birthday, Kyle Kempt! (Who NO ONE knew six weeks ago!)

NCAA Football: Iowa State at West Virginia

It was exactly six weeks to the day that rumors started flying around Ames that Jacob Park was either not going to play against the Oklahoma Sooners, he was not traveling with the team to Norman or was no longer even with the team. It was confirmed later in the day that Park was taking a leave of absence from the Cyclones. Just days later, the legend of Kyle Kempt was born.

The former walk-on quarterback had bounced around from Oregon State to Hutchinson Community College to Iowa State and had two career passes before going into Memorial Stadium and taking down the mighty Sooners with a 38-31 win.

Well, Tuesday just so happens to be Kempt’s birthday, which he acknowledges on Twitter and Instagram. Honestly, who would’ve guessed two months ago we’ve recognize or give a sh*t about Kyle Kempt’s birthday?


Thankful to be 23 today!

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Isn’t this the definition of a great example of the twists and turns of a college football season?

In fact, if you asked me two months ago who Kyle Kempt was, I would’ve said, “Kyle who? You mean Shawn Kemp? Seattle Supersonics circa 1996?” 

What a story, huh? College GameDay did a great piece earlier this month on Kempt.

The line of the piece from Kempt was, “No one had a clue in the world who I was.” 

Yep, even those of us that follow the conference pretty damn closely never expected to be saying the name “Kyle Kempt” this season. And on the 1% chance we thought we might be, it would not have been in conjunction with a 4-0 October including top-ten wins over Oklahoma and TCU.

But you know what this story is about: perseverance. Kyle Kempt had so many opportunities and reasons to quit and move on from football.

So you know what, Kyle Kempt deserves to have himself a damn good birthday. So while I believe Matt Campbell has a rule on players not going out during the season, someone go buy Kyle Kempt a beer, or 23. He deserves it.

Plus, the Cyclones are playing one-win Baylor on Saturday…

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