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Texas LB Breckyn Hager calls West Virginia fans “bunch of hillbillies”

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While it’s hard to understand the context of the comment, Texas linebacker Breckyn Hager had a “hot take” about what makes playing in Morgantown so difficult.


I’m sure it was said in a tongue and cheek manner, but either way, probably not the kind of bulletin board material Hager wants to provide the Mountaineers with his Longhorns looking for a win one of the next two weeks to become bowl eligible. Also, as someone who went to Morgantown last year to take in a game and wrote extensively about the trip, I can tell you there’s no more trash there than any other college football game. There’s some, but the majority are stand-up and hardworking folks.

However, the responses from some Mountaineers fans was pretty priceless. Here were the best ones. I love how some fans weren’t even offended. West Virginia fans are pretty great and these responses just confirmed that.


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