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Report: Mike Gundy a candidate at Tennessee

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It’s that time of year… coaching rumors! The latest comes from Dennis Dodd at CBS Sports, who wrote in a recent article that Mike Gundy is a candidate at Tennessee.

Now the piece was about Jon Gruden, and mostly focused on why Tennessee is having reservations about whether or not Gruden can step in and succeed in Knoxville.

But then there was that one line related to Gundy that stood out, where Dodd writes,

This is not to say Tennessee would not consider hiring Gruden. It’s just that the Vols’ concerns are real. Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy and former Oregon coach Chip Kelly, two names that have also been linked to the Tennessee job, are still thought to be among the candidates.


Talk about coming out of left field. I still don’t see any chance Gundy actually considers the Tennessee job. It’s a dumpster fire and he will be out of work in three years if he doesn’t live up to UT fans’ absurd expectations.

Plus, it appears like Gundy is in a good place with T. Boone Pickens, as the megabooster showed a lot of support for Gundy on Twitter after their most recent Bedlam loss.

Also, Gundy got his contract extension this past offseason, so unless he’s really looking to squeeze Oklahoma State with a really massive contract, then I don’t see this song and dance lasting very long or having any legs. Regardless, I was stunned that Dodd even threw Gundy’s name in there.

The fact that someone at Tennessee is even leaking this information to Dodd leads me to believe that the University at least thinks they have a shot on Gundy, which would be surprising considered their failed attempt in 2012, prior to hiring Butch Jones.

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