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As the football season is slowly winding down, Christmas is just right around the corner. I am sure everyone in your family is constantly asking you what you want for Christmas. So, you start jotting down ideas or things that you would like but this isn’t that type of list. This list for the hardcore college football fans who know their team better than they know some people in their own family. Yeah, this is that list.

What does every hardcore fan want for their team? Recruits baby!

They want that five-star guy who can elevate their program or the three-star gem who becomes an All-American. Every program will have guys leave due to graduation or transfers which leave holes on the depth chart. This is a list of three positional needs in order of importance. So, Iowa State fans, this is what your team needs heading into 2018. Now before I begin, I am not breaking down film of these guys. Until they sign on the dotted line, there is no need to assume they are automatically going to sign with their current team that they are committed to. We will do a full class breakdown of each team on the final signing day in February. Now before I begin, I know what you are thinking. “Why is there only three positions listed?” Well, Iowa State has done a tremendous job filling needs over the last two cycles but here are the ones that most concern me moving forward.

1. Quarterback

Current situation: After the news broke that QB Jacob Park is looking to transfer, Iowa State will be left with only 3 quarterbacks return for the 2018 season. Now QB Zeb Noland was ok but I can’t stress enough how badly the Cyclones need a signal caller or two in this cycle. Matt Campbell’s staff should be chomping at the bit to find a quarterback ASAP.

Currently Committed (247Sports)

3 Star Dual Threat QB Re-al Mitchell (Bellflower, CA) (5’11.5-190) (#25 DT QB)

Current Targets with Interest 


My take: It appears that Iowa State is all in on 3 star QB Re-al Mitchell because every other quarterback they have offered is committed to another school. I understand it is very challenging to get 2 commitments from quarterbacks in the same class but Cyclones fans need to hope that Re-al Mitchell stays on board. To me, Re-al is the number one priority to keep committed in this class. If Zeb Noland struggles next season, this could be the guy who replaces him.

2. Defensive Back

Current situation: Like I have mentioned before, Iowa State is fine numbers wise just about everywhere except for the quarterback position. However, Iowa State will have a total of 16 returning defensive backs and 4 of them will be seniors next season. Not only will they lose some quality pieces in the secondary, they will lose even more going into 2019. As I always say, it would be wise here to split up the workload so the Cyclone staff isn’t scrapping so much for the 2019 class.

Currently Committed (247Sports)

3 Star S Greg Eisworth (Trinity Valley CC in Athens, TX) (6’0-195) (#3 JUCO Safety)

3 Star CB Jaeveyon Morton (Detroit, MI) (5’9-160) (#77 CB)

3 Star CB Dallas Taylor-Cortez (West Hills, CA) (6’3-173) (#87 CB)

3 Star CB Anthony Johnson Jr. (Saint Petersburg, FL) (6’1-165) (#106 CB)

3 Star S V’Lique Carter (West Palm Beach, FL) (5’10-170) (#118 Safety)

3 Star S Chandler Pulvermacher (Hartland, WI) (6’2-190) (#127 Safety)

3 Star ATH Josh Madison (Newbury Park, CA) (5’11-200) (#128 ATH)

Current Targets with Interest


My take: Iowa State appears to have hit the jackpot here. 3 star ATH Josh Madison appears to be a hybrid safety/linebacker but I will throw him in here as well. The Cyclones have earned my saying of “They not only took all the presents under the tree, they took the whole damn tree too.” With these 7 on board, the Iowa State staff can afford to be a bit pickier when it comes to offering defensive backs in the 2019 class.

3. Linebacker

Current situation: I am 110% sure that Cyclone fans will dearly miss LB/QB Joel Lanning as if he were their own son. While he is a big loss, there is a few other losses here but overall they will be ok as far as numbers go for 2018. There is a total of 12 returning linebackers and 3 of them will be seniors. So depth would be a big concern for 2019 if they aren’t able to get at least 2 or more for the 2018 class.

Currently committed (247Sports)

3 Star OLB Michael Rose (Broadview Heights, OH) (6’4-220) (#52 OLB)

3 Star OLB Gerry Vaughn (Tucker, GA) (6’0-210) (#118 OLB)

Current Targets with Interest 

Not Ranked OLB Rahsaan York (American River C.C.) (Sacramento, CA)

My take: Can’t complain about what the Cyclones are doing here. To me, they needed to take 2 and they have exactly 2 on board as of right now. Even though Rahsaan York is an unranked JUCO guy, he still could provide immediate depth for the short term. Overall much like at the other positions (Except maybe quarterback), this staff has done a great job getting what they need filling holes in the roster nicely in this 2018 class.

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