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Big 12 recruiting wish list: Texas Longhorns

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As the football season is slowly winding down, Christmas is just right around the corner. I am sure everyone in your family is constantly asking you what you want for Christmas. So, you start jotting down ideas or things that you would like but this isn’t that type of list. This list for the hardcore college football fans who know their team better than they know some people in their own family. Yeah, this is that list.

What does every hardcore fan want for their team? Recruits baby!

They want that five-star guy who can elevate their program or the three-star gem who becomes an All-American. Every program will have guys leave due to graduation or transfers which leave holes on the depth chart. This is a list of four positional needs in order of importance. So, Longhorn fans, this is what your team needs heading into 2018. Now before I begin, I am not breaking down film of these guys. Until they sign on the dotted line, there is no need to assume they are automatically going to sign with their current team that they are committed to. We will do a full class breakdown of each team on the final signing day in February.

1. Offensive Line

Current situation: Between guys transferring, retiring from football and in Connor Williams case, leaving for the NFL, this group is paper thin as far as numbers go. Texas will return a total of 12 offensive lineman next season and a few of those are walk-ons. To simply put it, there is no depth right now. This is by far above and beyond the most important need for Texas right now.

Currently Committed (247Sports)

4 Star OT Junior Angilau (Salt Lake City, UT) (6’6-297) (#11 OT)

4 Star OT Rafiti Ghirmai (Frisco, TX) (6’4-290) (#20 OT)

4 Star OT Reese Moore (Seminole, TX) (6’6-280) (#23 OT)

Current Targets with Interest 

3 Star JUCO OT Mikey Grandy (San Mateo, CA) (6’5-305) (#5 JUCO OT)

My take: Not bad at all here for Texas. They currently have 3 very highly ranked tackles which should provide depth and one of them could see some early playing time. While having 3 highly regarded tackles is nice, the Longhorns could still use some additional pieces to ensure a more stable outlook for the offensive line moving forward. 3-star JUCO OT Mikey Grandy would be a big addition for this class to help with the small numbers on the offensive line. Texas can use all the help they can get up front at this point.

2. Defensive Tackle

Current situation: Much like the offensive line, numbers here are very small. They will have a total of 4 DTs returning but what really hurts is the loss of Poona Ford who was tremendous for Texas over the last few seasons. Replacing him will be difficult but it is not impossible to find another solid DT in this class. 2019 will also be a crucial cycle because 2 of the returning 4 DTs are going to be seniors in 2018.

Currently Committed (247Sports)

4 Star DT Keondre Coburn (Houston, TX) (6’1-329) (#8 DT)

Current Targets with Interest


My take: Taking 2 would be ideal here but they currently don’t have any targets with any interest in the Longhorns. Offering a JUCO guy isn’t off the table but I doubt they will since they will have a total of 5 DTs for the 2018 season if Keondre sticks with his commitment. Unless a miracle happens, Texas will be in desperate need of a DT in the next cycle because they could be looking at a total of 3 DTs heading into 2019 and that’s including Keondre Coburn.

3. Defensive End

Current situation: Texas is in ok shape for 2018 as they will have 6 DEs returning next season. They will return both their starters which is good but after next season they will be down to a total of 4 ends on the current roster that will be eligible for 2019. I think it would be a smart move to take at least 2 here and 3 would be an excellent take for Texas.

Currently Committed (247Sports)


Current Targets with Interest

4 Star WDE Joseph Ossai (Conroe, TX) (6’4-220) (#11 WDE)

3 Star WDE Coutre Alexander (Owasso, OK) (6’4-235) (#49 WDE)

3 Star SDE Daniel Carson (Independence, MO) (6’5-260) (#22 SDE)

My take: Texas needs to land 2 out of these 3 guys who are interested. Going 3 for 3 here would be a out of the park home run but as of now, these 3 are just very interested in the Longhorns. Like I said earlier, the numbers will be fine for next season but 2019 is going to be crucial for this position. If Texas can grab a couple of these guys, then they won’t have to stress out nearly as much for the 2019 cycle at DE.

4. Defensive Back

Current situation: Even with the departures of Holton Hill and Deshaun Elliot, Texas will still have 17 guys returning next season in the secondary. Sounds good right? Well, where things really will shake up will be in 2019 because 6 of the returning 17 are going to be seniors next season. Having 12 bodies won’t cut it so the Longhorns really need to sign 3 or more here to add some depth.

Currently Committed (247Sports)

5 Star Safety BJ Foster (Angleton, TX) (6’1-188) (#1 Safety)

4 Star Safety Caden Sterns (Cibolo, TX) (6’1-192) (#3 Safety)

4 Star Safety DeMarvion Overshown (Arp, TX) (6’4-200) (#6 Safety)

4 Star CB Jalen Green (Houston, TX) (6’0-171) (#6 CB)

4 Star CB D’Shawn Jamison (Houston, TX) (5’10-174) (#14 CB)

Current Targets with Interest 

4 Star CB Anthony Cook (Houston, TX) (6’0-168) (#5 CB)

My take: Wow, Texas absolutely crushed this one out of the park and then some. They have 3 of the nation’s top 6 safeties and 2 of the top 15 CBs on board. As I always say on this series, they not only took the presents under the Christmas tree, they took the whole damn tree too. If the Longhorns can get 4-star CB Anthony Cook, they will arguably have one of the best defensive back classes of all time. That’s crazy to think about.

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