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Baker Mayfield trolls Mark Schlereth brilliantly on Twitter

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Baker Mayfield may be feeling under the weather in Southern California, but that hasn’t stopped him from staying sharp on his Twitter game.

As often is the case this time of year, fans and pundits begin debating the merits of college quarterbacks at the next level. Mayfield is one of the most hotly debated quarterbacks in recently memory. He’s a Big 12 guy, which naturally brings in more criticism than other conferences (a debate for another day), he’s got some swagger to him, and he is a bit undersized, which adds to it all.

Here was the tweet from a random fan to Mark Schlereth that set everything off.

I assume Schlereth said something dopey on his radio show or podcast or maybe FS1 (doesn’t he do work there?). I don’t know. Keeping up with Mark Schlereth’s opinions are very low on my “things to do” list.

Anyway, the back and forth between Schlereth and Mike Reed continued, until Mayfield decided he had to chime in as well.

A 3x Super Bowl champion roasted by a 22-year old. Classic. Just what Baker Mayfield needs ahead of the Rose Bowl, another critic to add more fire in his belly.

If Schlereth really did say Mayfield throws 14 bubble screens per game, he clearly doesn’t watch Oklahoma football and is just saying what he thinks Big 12 football is all about. So with that, I’m inviting Mark Schlereth to our first Heartland College Sports Big 12 tailgate of the 2018 season. I don’t know when or where that will be, but I hope he makes himself available on a Saturday in late September or October so we can show him how this conference actually plays. It’d be a nice learning experience for the “big fella”.

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