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Mike Leach is suing Texas Tech for withholding public records

Mike Leach

Well now that the college football season is over, Mike Leach can get back to his second job: hammering Texas Tech in the court of public opinion, and now possibly the actual court room itself.

Leach is suing Texas Tech University for withholding public records regarding his controversial firing. He has hired a Houston-based investigative communications firm and the lawsuit also asks for communications of the Board of Regents and former Chancellor Kent Hance, according to a news release from the firm.

“This case represents an example of abuse of power entrusted to Texas Tech as a governmental body, and about demanding accountability,” lawyer Michael K. Hurst said in the release.

Also in the release, Leach’s attorneys wrote, “Texas Tech has chosen to spend taxpayer money to keep the Leach records secret from students, parents, alumni, donors and Texas taxpayers.”

The Washington State head coach has been picking up his beef with Texas Tech in recent months. There have been Twitter rants and various interviews where Leach has made it clear that his fight with Texas Tech is not over until he gets paid his $800,000 bonus for his final season of coaching in Lubbock.

Leach was fired by Texas Tech in 2009 for allegedly mistreating former player Adam James, the son of former SMU player, mediocre ESPN analyst and hack politician Craig James. Leach denied the allegation and later sued the school for wrongful termination.

Leach has railed on sovereign immunity, which allowed Tech to throw out Leach’s breach of contract claim a couple years ago.

The Red Raiders have not had nearly the success they enjoyed under Leach, who won at least eight games in each of his last eight seasons in Lubbock. Since then, Texas Tech has won eight games just twice, and zero times since Kliff Kingsbury’s first season in 2013.

Needless to say, it seems like Leach is going to make sure this doesn’t end until he feels justice is served (at least on his end).

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