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Army All-American Bowl Recap: Big 12 Edition

2018 U.S. Army All-American Game

San Antonio, TX- A record crowd of 41,017 came to watch 100 of some of the nation’s best high school football prospects on Saturday. Now whether they were entertained or not, I honestly have no clue because it was pretty much a snoozer until we finally saw some offense in the fourth quarter. But trust me, there was no need to wake me up out of my chair because I had my eyes glued to some future Big 12 players. There was a total of 13 future Big 12 players (12 on the West Team and 1 on the East Team) and all were committed or signed with either Texas, Oklahoma or Baylor. Now if you read my preview of this game, you’re probably wondering, “weren’t there only 11 future Big 12 guys in this game?” First off, kudos for paying attention and the answer was yes but there were two players in this game who made their decision either during or after the game. If you’re wondering how your team’s player or players did in this game, here is my review of their performance. I also was able to catch up with one player from each of the 3 Big 12 schools that were represented in this game.


Texas Longhorns

4-star CB Anthony Cook (Houston, TX) (6’0-168) (#5 CB)

I saw Anthony out there plenty, but to be honest I don’t think the East team threw a lot to his side. That’s common when you’re the number 5 ranked CB in the entire country. It wouldn’t be fair to judge his performance in this game, but either way Texas is in for a treat when Anthony arrives on campus.

4-star WR Brennan Eagles (Houston, TX) (6’3.5-214) (#6 WR)

Honestly, there wasn’t much to say about Brennan Eagles in this game. He looks the part with his size and showed some great athletic ability all week long in practice. Did it really jump off the page in this game? Probably not, but give credit to the East team for getting a great pass rush in this game. Also, I am not sure what exactly the game plan on offense was for the West team, but they must have run at least 10 or more screens in this game. I can’t think of one that worked.

4-star CB Jalen Green (Houston, TX) (6’0-171) (#6 CB)

After a slow start, Jalen Green really started to turn some heads in this game. He missed a tackle or two early on but then really put together a solid performance. Jalen showed his ability to break up a pass or two as well as showing off his excellent closing speed to catch up to receivers. He also didn’t lack in the physicality department as I saw him make some aggressive hits with and one of them was tackling a receiver into the bench.

4-star S Caden Sterns (Cibolo, TX) (6’1-192) (#3 Safety)

There was a TON of love for the hometown man in this game. For those who don’t know, Cibolo is basically a nearby suburb of San Antonio and his high school (Steele) is a powerhouse program in the state of Texas. Caden put on a show for the locals here with two interceptions and played a complete game overall. After the game, it was easy to see that Caden was the most popular player in this matchup.

4-star OT Junior Angilau (Salt Lake City, UT) (6’6-297) (#11 OT)

If you love physicality, OT Junior Angilau is someone who can impress you. I watched him closely and he was playing guard for just about every rep he took. I can think of a few times where he pancaked the man in front of him. The guy has that “nasty” that you want to see in an offensive lineman. Afterwards, I was able to speak with Junior on him signing with Texas.


Oklahoma Sooners

4-star OT Brey Walker (Oklahoma City, OK) (6’7-320) (#4 OT)

It was tough at times trying to watch two or two linemen on the same time, but Brey Walker was impressive to say the least when I watched him. His size along with another future Sooner on the offensive line, is HUGE. Overall, he had a solid performance. Oklahoma continues to find great offensive linemen and Brey Walker will fit nicely in Norman.

4-star APB T.J. Pledger (Bradenton, FL) (5’8-190) (#3 APB)

Unfortunately, T.J. Pledger was injured and was unable to play in this game, so there was no performance to review.

4-star WDE Ronnie Perkins (Saint Louis, MO) (6’2.5-256) (#6 WDE)

Call me crazy, but Ronnie Perkins in this game looked like the best defensive lineman on the field with his performance. Ronnie was able to chase down the quarterback twice for and had a few QB pressures in this game. He was much bigger in person than I expected, and I thought he displayed his talent nicely in this game. I can’t wait to see him at the next level when he arrives in Norman.

4-star OT Darrell Simpson (Justin, TX) (6’7-336) (#14 OT)

Another offensive lineman for Oklahoma who is a mountain of a man. My goodness, his size made others in this game look tiny to say the least. Overall, I thought at times he struggled a little bit in pass blocking with speed on the edge. However, when it came to run blocking it was a totally different story as he was able to use his size to pave a lane in the run game.

4-star SDE Ron Tatum (Oklahoma City, OK) (6’4.5-269) (#4 SDE)

It was nice seeing Ron Tatum and Ronnie Perkins on the field together at the defensive end positions. Together they created havoc and as I mentioned earlier, I thought Ronnie Perkins was big time in this game. Don’t sleep on Ron Tatum either because he can certainly bring the toughness up front and set the edge. While he may have not gotten all the glory in this game, Ron Tatum played very well.

4-star OLB DaShaun White (North Richland Hills, TX) (6’1-222) (#16 OLB)

During the Army All American Bowl, DaShaun White was still committed to Texas A&M. However, that changed late Saturday night as he announced that he will no longer be committed to A&M and instead be committed the Oklahoma. Since he wasn’t a future Big 12 player while the game was going on, I really didn’t keep an eye on him during the game. I will say, that this is a HUGE get for the Sooner at a position of need.

4-star CB Brendan Radley-Hiles (Bradenton, FL) (5’10-183) (#7 CB)

Much like DaShaun White, I really didn’t pay a ton of attention to Brendan during the game since he was still undecided on where he wanted to go. However, it was expected that he was going to commit to the Sooners and he did. Although I really can’t comment on his performance, I was able to catch up with him after the game about his decision.


Baylor Bears

2-star P Issac Power (Parker, CO) (6’2-180) (#6 Punter)

It is not often we talk about punters here, but since he is a future Big 12 player, he is going to get some spotlight time. I thought Issac was the best punter in this game and displayed that with some great kicks that turned some heads. People don’t think about it enough, but punters can be crucial in games because they can flip the field with one kick. Just ask Texas what Michael Dickson meant to his team this year in case you don’t agree with me. Afterwards, I was able to interview Issac about his decision to go to Baylor.


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