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Texas Tech student questioned by TSA for flashing Red Raiders’ ‘finger gun’

Texas Tech fan Diana Durkin

In 2018, you can never be too careful. Texas Tech student Diana Durkin learned that the hard way.

The 19-year-old sophomore at Texas Tech was stopped by TSA before her flight last week for flashing the “finger gun” salute that Texas Tech fans have done for years.

According to the story first grabbed by Buzzfeed, Durkin was waiting on line for security and spotted a man in a Texas Tech hoodie. She naturally threw up a finger gun, to which he gave an odd look.

Moments later, a TSA agent took her out of line to question her further. Durkin then took the news to Twitter.

Durkin told Buzzfeed, “She said, ‘What are you doing? You can’t do that in an airport.’”

She says she was terrified, thinking to herself, “Oh my gosh, they think I’m a terrorist,” and, “Oh my gosh I’m going to jail.”

“I’m just sitting there, almost in tears, like, ‘No, I’m just really dumb, I’m not a terrorist!’”

Thankfully the TSA folks wised up, which let’s be honest, isn’t always the case. The agency let her off with just a warning, after she told them she realized what she did wrong.

Interestingly enough, Durkin was flying back from Houston, as she took a semester off to help her family following Hurricane Harvey. The poor kid was excited to get back to campus and enjoy her time as a Red Raiders, and instead, she nearly landed herself on the No Fly List with some of the baddest folks on the planet! What a crime!

Once again, it’s 2018, you can never be too careful… SMH.

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