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Does Baker Mayfield want to be a Miami Dolphin?

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With Seniors Bowl and NFL Draft combines still to come, there’s still plenty of time to speculate as to where some of the best college football players will end up at the next level. But an interesting Instagram comment might give us a hint as to where Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield could end up. Or at least where Mayfield wants to end up.

Kenny Stills, the former Oklahoma wide receiver and current Miami Dolphin, was live on Instagram and the deputy editor of BBC radio caught a screen shot of Baker Mayfield’s comment, saying, “#GetMeToMiami”.

Yes, that is in fact Mayfield’s Instagram handle (I happen to follow him. Have you seen his new girlfriend, by the way?).

Legit or messing around? Probably the latter, but then again, maybe Mayfield has South Beach on his mind. The Dolphins may have some nice skill position players, but their offensive line stinks and it’s generally where QBs have gone to die since Dan Marino retired.

I still think that Denver would be a great spot for Mayfield to get a mentorship from someone like John Elway, step into a team with a strong defense and get to play in an AFC West that is up for grabs. Why torture yourself in the AFC East, where even with Belichick and Brady’s cat fights, they’re still the dominant franchise going on two decades.

Also, I don’t think Mayfield is a character liability, but I will say I’d feel much better about him being in Denver than right down the road from South Beach.

Another rumor floating out there: Mayfield to the Redskins. Of course that hinges on Kirk Cousins, but there is a lot in flux in that situation that could result in Washington needing a quarterback.

Let’s just hope Mayfield ends up with a better career than the last Heisman winning QB that was drafted by the Redskins.

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