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ESPN announces Big 12 baseball TV schedule

big 12 baseball tournament

ESPN announced its 2018 college baseball television schedule, and the network was proud to announce they’d broadcast a record number of college baseball games, as more than 800 are set to be televised on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, SEC Network, Longhorn Network and the ESPN app.

The Big 12’s national television appearances begin with TCU’s games at Oklahoma State on March 30 and March 31.

Also, here’s a weekend to mark on your calendars OU fans: Oklahoma hosts Texas on ESPNU on April 14 and April 15th. What else is April 15th? OU’s spring football game. Woo!

Other highly anticipated series include TCU vs. Texas Tech, two top 5 teams, the last weekend in April and the following week its Texas Tech vs. Texas.

Below are all the games starting with conference play. Nearly every Texas Longhorns game prior to Friday, March 16th, is on the Longhorn Network as well.


2018 Big 12 baseball ESPN schedule

DateTime (ET)GameNetwork
Fri, March 167:30 p.m.Texas at KansasLHN
Sat, March 173:30 p.m.Texas at KansasLHN
Sun, March 182 p.m.Texas at KansasLHN
Fri, March 238 p.m.OSU at TexasLHN
Sat, March 243:30 p.m.OSU at TexasLHN
Sun, March 252:30 p.m.OSU at TexasLHN
Fri, March 309 p.m.TCU at Oklahoma StateESPNU
Sat, March 317 p.m.TCU at Oklahoma StateESPNU
Mon, April 27:30 p.m.McNeese State at TexasLHN
Fri, April 67:30 p.m.Baylor at TexasLHN
Sat, April 75 p.m.Baylor at TexasLHN
8 p.m.Oklahoma at TCUESPNU
Sun, April 82:30 p.m.Baylor at TexasLHN
Tue, April 107 p.m.Texas at Texas A&MSEC Network
Sat, April 149 p.m.Texas at OklahomaESPNU
Sun, April 152 p.m.Texas at OklahomaESPN2
Tue, April 178 p.m.UTRGV at TexasLHN
Fri, April 208 p.m.University of New Orleans at TexasLHN
Sat, April 214:30 p.m.University of New Orleans at TexasLHN
Sun, April 222:30 p.m.University of New Orleans at TexasLHN
7:30 p.m.Houston at TexasLHN
Wed, April 25TBDTexas Tech at ArkansasSEC Network
Sat, April 288 p.m.Texas Tech at TCUESPNU
Sun, April 292 p.m.Texas Tech at TCUESPNU
Tue, May 17:30 p.m.Texas State at TexasLHN
Sat, May 52 p.m.Texas at Texas TechESPNU
Tue, May 157:30 p.m.Texas State at TexasLHN
Fri, May 187:30 p.m.TCU at TexasLHN
Sat, May 193:30 p.m.TCU at TexasLHN

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