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Big 12 haters out in full force during Super Bowl LII, Mike Gundy leads rebuttal

When all was said and done in Super Bowl LII, it was an offensive game for the record books.  The Eagles and Patriots set the Super Bowl record for most combined total yards (1,151) and most combined passing yards (874). The 1,151-yard total actually represents the most yards in any NFL game, including the regular season and playoffs. Those are just a couple of the 17 records broken on Sunday night.

So naturally, some dopes on Twitter started commenting, “WHEN DID I START WATCHING BIG 12 FOOTBALL?!?!?!” 

Geez, never heard that joke before in a high-scoring game.


Luckily, there were plenty of folks out in defense of the Big 12 conference.

If you were watching the game, the Big 12 style was more obvious with the RPO (run-pass option) that Nick Foles (who was coached by Big 12-taught Sonny Dykes at Arizona) and the Eagles were running, but elements were there with the Patriots as well.

The Big 12 style is only being further ingrained into the NFL for several reasons. First off, coaches are going from NFL to college and vice versa more so than at any time in the sports’ history. Why? Because the money isn’t all that different. Also, as the rules keep getting skewed in favor of the offense, Big 12 elements become even more of a factor. Lastly, for coaches that spend millions on players in the draft and want them to play ASAP, picking up where they left off in college is sometimes easiest. At least it’s easier.

Anyway, here are some of the best defenses of the Big 12.

But well save the best for last, as Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy couldn’t contain his excitement watching the Big 12 elements of this game.


Mike Gundy’s Twitter account is always best when it’s actually him unfiltered and not his secretary.

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