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Texas Tech basketball with best odds to win Big 12, but not conference tournament

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Kansas

As we head down the final few weeks of the college basketball regular season, the odds across the Big 12 are continually changing. Here’s a look at the current standings after the two Monday night games.

Texas Tech9-321-4
West Virginia8-518-7
Kansas State6-617-8
Oklahoma State5-715-10
Iowa State4-813-11

There’s your latest look at the standings. Texas Tech has a one-game lead over the Jayhawks and the Red Raiders hold the tie breaker over Kansas as they beat KU earlier this season. The two teams still have one more meeting in Lubbock next Saturday (2/24).

The latest odds to win the conference look like this, according to teamrankings.com.

Odds to win the Big 12 conference

  1. Texas Tech: 57.2%
  2. Kansas: 33.4%
  3. West Virginia: 8.6%
  4. Oklahoma: .7%
  5. Everyone else: 0%

That makes sense given some of the provided above.

But what now makes a bit less sense is that the Red Raiders are not the favorite to win the Big 12 conference tournament.

Odds to win the Big 12 Tournament

  1. Kansas 26.9%
  2. West Virginia: 22.0%
  3. Texas Tech: 19.3%
  4. Oklahoma: 8.6%
  5. TCU: 8.1%
  6. Baylor: 7.1%
  7. Texas: 3.2%
  8. Kansas State: 2.9%
  9. Oklahoma State: 1.6%
  10. Iowa State: .4%

However when you look closer, this might make more sense than one would originally think. The Tournament is played at the Sprint Center, basically in the Jayhawks’ backyard in Kansas City. My thinking behind why WVU comes in second here is due to their defense and Press Virginia style, which can be overwhelming in a new environment. Plus the Mountaineers have a veteran team with lots of leadership. All that being said, it still strikes me as somewhat disrespectful for a Texas Tech team that has won at Kansas, at South Carolina, at TCU and at Kansas State. Those are some solid road wins and Chris Beard’s team isn’t looking to drain 15 three pointers and score 80+ to win. This is another opportunity for the Red Raiders to have a chip on their shoulder.

Both odds also show a massive drop off after the top 3, as the Big 12 continues to separate itself between Tech, KU and WVU… and then there’s the rest, who can basically all beat each other on a given night.


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