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Baker Mayfield: ‘My Goal is to be Rookie of the Year’

baker mayfield

Baker Mayfield has never been shy about his goals and expectations. He often cited his want and desire to end his career in Norman with a National Championship. Unfortunately, that never came to fruition.

But now that Mayfield is off to the NFL, he hasn’t lost that confidence or swagger. Some NFL GMs, coaches and scouts will love it, others will probably hate it. But Mayfield has made is clear he isn’t going to change who he is.

The former Oklahoma QB had a fun conversation with NFL Network’s Steve Mariucci, where they discussed everything from why Mayfield can be a franchise quarterback, to drawing up plays, to discussing his goals. Maybe the best part of the discussion was when Mariucci mentioned to Mayfield that he threw 43 touchdown passes, and the quarterback interrupted the former NFL head coach and said, “yea and only six interceptions.”

Mayfield was asked by Mariucci, “What should we all expect from Baker Mayfield next year?” 

The quarterback responded quickly, saying, “My goal is to be Rookie of the Year. I set my goals high. I always have.” 

I have always come across thinking Mayfield has a humble confidence. It’s not an in-your-face arrogance. That’s always been the best kind of leadership, at least in my opinion.

To see the entire package with Mayfield, check it out below!


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