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What Does Bill Snyder Say About the Kansas State QB Race?

bill snyder

On Saturday I had the opportunity to head to Manhattan for the Kansas State spring game, and boy is this the best quarterback battle in the Big 12 conference this summer. You want to argue Texas? Be my guest. The strides I saw from both Skylar Thompson and Alex Delton lead me to believe both of these guys can be the No. 1 QB on a team that can compete near the top of the conference this fall.

Here were the final stat lines for each quarterback:

Alex Delton: 21/28, 201 yards, 3 passing TDs; 6 carries, 34 yards

Skylar Thompson: 18/24, 204 yards, 2 passing TDs; 6 carries, 33 yards

Does it get much more even than that?

Regardless, Bill Snyder and offensive coordinator Andre Coleman will have a tough decision to make this summer.

After Saturday’s game, here is what Snyder had to say about the battle.

“At first glace, I think both of them played reasonably well… in all honestly, who started the ball game for us, we flipped a coin, Collin Klein and the two quarterbacks flipped a coin to decide who was going to be the first guy to take the reps with the one’s. It’s an indication of how close they have been through our spring practices.” 

As for the QB race itself and how it could play out, Snyder had more to say.

“Both of them do a pretty decent job of both facets of the game, but it will be about game management and how well they get us in, get us out, the right things, the wrong things, and manage the ball and be turnover free, that’ll be a major criteria for the evaluation.” 

This will be one to watch. Of course Snyder is less concerned about who has the bigger arm or better wheels, but who is going to lead the team and be turnover free. That’s Bill Snyder and Kansas State football.

Stay tuned!

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