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Big 12 2018 NFL Mock Draft

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Texas

With the NFL Draft here this week, the staff at Heartland College Sports had some fun doing a mock draft of only Big 12 players who are eligible for this year’s draft. The drafting order was picked at random and was a snake draft (like fantasy drafts are done, where the person to pick last, gets the first pick of the second round). There were no rules in regards to having to select certain positions. Here are the teams, in draft order, although with a few comments from the “team owners”.


Matthew Postins

1. Baker Mayfield, QB Oklahoma
2. Joel Lanning, LB Iowa State
3. D.J. Reed, DB Kansas State
4. Justin Crawford, RB West Virginia

Matthew’s thoughts: “I went with Baker because I think he’s a QB you can build around. Lanning and Reed are underrated defenders that should be NFL starters. Crawford was underused at West Virginia and can be a capable 20-carry back in the NFL.” 

Cameron Brock

1. Austin Schlottman, C TCU
2. Obo Okoronkwo, DE/LB Oklahoma
3. Holton Hill, CB Texas
4. Deshon Elliott, S Texas

Cam’s thoughts: “I love my team. Defense wins championships, and I have two defensive backs from DBU, a.k.a. Texas. Okoronkwo was a menace for the Sooners during his time. In his final season, he was named Co-Defensive Player of the Year. And, with my first pick, I chose one of the most experienced lineman out of the Big 12. It does not matter who your skill players are if they aren’t protected. Center, especially, is a position that needs experience. I would draft a lineman in the first round every year. The offense always starts with the offensive line.” 


Pete Mundo

1. Orlando Brown, OT Oklahoma
2. James Washington, WR Oklahoma State
3. Keke Coutee, WR Texas Tech
4. Poona Ford, DT Texas

Pete’s thoughts: “Hey, the Big 12 is all about the wide receivers, right? It’s the strongest position in the conference, so I had to go grab two of the best. James Washington is Justin Blackmon without the off-field concerns. Coutee is a pro’s pro and can be a great slot option at the next level. Then, I hit both lines. Brown can be a 10-year pro protecting the blind side of a quarterback. Ford is starting to get more attention, but can be a rush stuffer and pass rusher in the NFL.”

Derek Duke

1. Connor Williams, OT Texas
2. Dorance Armstrong, DE Kansas
3. Allen Lazard, WR Iowa State 
4. Michael Dickson, P Texas

Derek’s thoughts: “Connor Williams is maybe the best LT prospect in the entire draft. An absolute stud who should make a few Pro Bowls. Armstrong saw his production drop last season, but is still the most complete edger player in the Big 12. Lazard: size? Check. Skills? Check. Productive in college? Check. I thought about taking Oklahoma State’s Marcell Ateman, but I really like Lazard at the next level. Call me crazy, but Michael Dickson will play 20 years in the NFL. He can flip a field like few I’ve ever seen. If anyone has the potential to be a Hall of Famer, it’s Michael Dickson.

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