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Jacob Zeno: Baylor and Texas Tech Battle for 2019 3-Star QB

Jacob Zeno

Back in February, I spoke with QB Jacob Zeno (John Jay HS) (San Antonio, TX) at the Opening in Houston. At the time, Texas Tech was the big offer for Jacob, but a lot has changed since then. Now Jacob holds offers from Florida, Georgia, Baylor, Arkansas and NC State just to name a few. As always, things change as offers roll in. Luckily, I was able to catch up with the one of the best quarterbacks in the state of Texas after the Opening in Dallas on Sunday.

HCS: How did you think you did here at The Opening?

Jacob: “I thought I did well. I had some throws I wish I had back but overall I thought I did good.”

HCS: How was the atmosphere like here compared to Houston?

Jacob: “It was great. The weather was way better. Houston was cold and rainy and here it was about 80. A little windy but it was all good.”

HCS: Baylor has offered you since the last time I spoke with you, what are your thoughts on Baylor?

Jacob: “Baylor is a good school just like everybody else. So right now, I am just evaluating every school.”

HCS: Do you have a leader right now as far as schools go?

Jacob: “No sir, I don’t have a leader.”

HCS: What is your relationship like with Matt Rhule?

Jacob: “I have a good relationship with coach Rhule and coach Thomas (Baylor QB Coach). I talk to them almost every other day just like Texas Tech and everybody else. So, I am just evaluating every school and talking with my dad about it.”

HCS: Do you have a timetable on your verbal commitment?

Jacob: “June or July.”

HCS: What’s the one biggest thing you want to work on this summer?

Jacob: “Still reading defenses. Even if I am good at it, you can never be too good at doing something. I feel like that is an area I need to improve on.”

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