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Texas, Oklahoma, TCU in Top 25 Richest College Football Programs

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Texas

When it comes to the wealthiest programs in college football, three Big 12 teams have made the cut for the Top 25. Texas, Oklahoma and TCU all showed up in the rankings, with Texas landing the top spot in the country, Oklahoma at No. 6 and TCU sliding in at No. 24.

Here is a breakdown of some of those numbers.

1. Texas Longhorns

Revenues: $141.2 million
Expenses: $43.3 million
Profit: $97.9 million

6. Oklahoma Sooners

Revenues: $95.9 million
Expenses: $37.9 million
Profit: $58.0 million

24. TCU Horned Frogs

Revenues: $58.8 million
Expenses: $35.7 million
Profit: $23.1 million

As for how the conferences ranked.

SEC: 10 teams in Top 25
Big 10: 7
Big 12: 3
Pac-12: 3
ACC: 1

Amazingly, Clemson did not make the list, and Florida State was the only ACC member in the Top 25. Meantime, the Big 12 and the SEC were the only conferences with two in the top 6, with OU/Texas, along with Alabama and Tennessee.

The Longhorns numbers are ridiculous when you realize their revenues of $141 million are over $30 million higher than any other conference in America (Tennessee at No. 2). At the same time, the fact that the No. 1 and No. 2 grossing programs in America have both been mediocre for the better part of a decade tells you a lot as well. And kudos to TCU for cracking the Top 25 over other programs in the conference like Oklahoma State. It’s another sign that the Horned Frogs are not going anywhere, despite what some folks think might be the case.

I was also surprised that Ohio State was as low as they were at No. 9. I thought the Buckeyes would rank ahead of teams like Auburn and Georgia, and maybe even their rivals, Michigan.

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