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Mike Holder Regrets Criticizing Mike Gundy’s Recruiting

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Two weeks ago, Oklahoma State athletic director Mike Holder made news to our friends at Pistols Firing Blog when he commented he’d like to see Oklahoma State rank higher in the yearly recruiting rankings. Holder said, “I would approach recruiting a little differently than he does. I’d want to finish up higher in those recruiting rankings than we consistently do. I think that ultimately puts a ceiling on what you’re able to achieve.”

Well Holder is walking back those comments and responded to the Tulsa World, adding, “What I should have been doing is encouraging me, as the athletic director, to do a better job of getting the message out that this is a great place to get an education and further your dreams as an athlete, not just in football but across the spectrum of every sport that we offer here,” Holder told the Tulsa World. “And challenge myself to do a better job of that. That’s what I regret.”

Holder went on to make it clear he thinks the program is doing a “fine” job of evaluating and developing. The AD and head coach have not spoken since the comments, but Holder admitted he will apologize when the time comes, saying, “Shouldn’t have said it. Just like I told you. Nothing different. He knows that. As soon as he read it he knew that I shouldn’t have said it and he knew, I think, knowing him as a competitor, that that was really a compliment. What I think of him and what I think he’s capable of doing. Just didn’t turn out that way.”

Frankly, I have no idea what that last quote means. It makes zero sense. Then again, the entire relationship between Holder and Gundy makes no sense, but it’s worked, sort of, for this long.

For the record, I have said and written that Holder’s comments were accurate, and Gundy has not done a good job turning his 10-win seasons into top 15-20 recruiting classes. And it’s like overdue for him to begin doing that.

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