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Oklahoma Sooners’ Odds to Win Big 12 Conference Keep Improving

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Oklahoma

If you thought this was the year where the Oklahoma Sooners don’t win the Big 12 Conference, Vegas disagrees with you. The latest numbers are out and it’s the Sooners who remain an overwhelming favorite to, once again, win the Big 12, which would be their fourth-straight season of doing that.

Interestingly, the TCU Horned Frogs’ odds have also improved in recent weeks, as they are now third in the Big 12 behind Oklahoma and Texas. Interestingly enough, Texas still remains a heavy favorite, and that’s confirmed in the fact that they have the second-best odds in the Big 12 to win the National Championship this year.

Oklahoma State has fallen back to 8/1 odds and is now tied with the West Virginia Mountaineers for fourth-best odds. My gut says that by the time the season kicks off, the Mountaineers will be in sole possession of the fourth-best odds, maybe even third, once people wake up to the offense Dana Holgorsen will walk on the field with.

But the worst bet on the table is Kansas at 100/1. Who would possibly bet that? You would have to give me 1,000/1 odds for me to even begin the conversation. That’s how obscenely unlikely something like this really is. Unbelievable.

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