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Oklahoma State to Begin Selling Beer at Boone Pickens Stadium

NCAA Football: Tulsa at Oklahoma State

After winning ten games in each of the past three seasons, Oklahoma State might be due for a bit of a rebuilding season. If so, this is the perfect year for the University to implement its new policy of selling beer at Boone Pickens Stadium.

Oklahoma State made this decision to begin selling beer at sporting events following a successful pilot program at Oklahoma State’s baseball and softball games during the spring.

In a statement, OSU Deputy Director of Athletics Chad Weiberg said, “The feedback that we got from the fans was very positive about it. They enjoyed having the option of having that available to them, generally. Also, it did not have an impact on the fans that chose not to partake in it, either.”

Oh, positive feedback?! No kidding, Chad!

At football games, beer will be sold at up to 22 locations throughout Boone Pickens Stadium and the sales will include craft beer. Oklahoma State joins Texas and West Virginia as the only Big 12 schools that sells beer inside the stadium.

This is not shocking and I expect this to expand across not just the Big 12 Conference, but all of college football. When Texas implemented the rule, they started making another $2 million in profits for the athletics department.

Oklahoma State kicks off its season at home Aug. 30 against Missouri State. Considering the likely blowout, there will be plenty of opportunities to fill up.

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