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Kyler Murray’s Comments Add News Layer to Football, Baseball Future

NCAA Football: Oklahoma Spring Game

As Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Kyler Murray continues preparing for the 2018 season,  there remains some confusion as to how long Murray is going to be a part of the OU football program.

Murray was asked on Monday about a recent difference in comments between his head football coach Lincoln Riley, who said it wasn’t set in stone that Murray would not be back in 2019, while Murray’s agent, Scott Boras told The Athletic, “Kyler’s baseball career has a very defined path, which includes playing football at OU for only the 2018 season.”

Murray responded by saying, “I’m worried about this season and this season only…That’s for them to decide. Obviously right now, I’m going to play baseball. Like I said, I’m focused on this season. Whatever happens happens.”

It seems like Murray is trying to appease a lot of people right now. It doesn’t make life easier for the young man as he tries to get ready for the starting quarterback position.

The best thing for Murray would be for everyone involved to stop speaking with the media about this. That is easier said than done, especially when your agent in Scott Boras. Boras obviously has no interest in letting Murray play beyond this season, regardless of how Murray performs on the football field.

Murray and the Sooners open up the season on Saturday, September 1st, at 11 a.m. against Lane Kiffin and the FAU Owls.

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