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Mike Leach: ‘I’m Not Done’ Fighting Texas Tech, Kent Hance and Sovereign Immunity

Mike Leach

What a fantastic conversation with Washington State head coach, and former Texas Tech head coach, Mike Leach. We touch on his career success, how and why he’s still fighting Texas Tech and how long he plans on coaching. Transcribed highlights can be found below as well.


Mike Leach: “We had a very dubious and dishonest chancellor [Kent Hance], who did not care for the attention that football got or I got. He was upset that I wouldn’t sign a low-ball contract the year before, which would’ve put me 11th in the conference when after 10 years our record was third and I wouldn’t sign it… so he was bitter about that. And then he manufactures this whole thing and they still haven’t paid me.”

Mike Leach on what’s next: “I’m not done. I’m going to continue to make people aware of how unjust sovereign immunity is. If that’s such a good idea, how come 49 other states don’t do it? And how come the World Trade Organization doesn’t allow you to do it?” 

Leach on Craig James/Adam James: “Think of the absurdity of that. Craig James has a microphone. Craig James is sitting there at ESPN. Alright, so at Texas Tech we’re going, ‘Let’s see here, for no apparent reason let’s mistreat somebody. I know who. How about Craig James’ son, Adam. Let’s mistreat him. Sure, why not?’ So that doesn’t make any sense. It’s absurd at every level.” 

Leach on if 2010 would’ve been his best team at Texas Tech: “I think that was the most talented team we had at Tech, better than our 2008 team that won 11 games. Defensively, we were third in the conference {in 2009] behind Texas and Oklahoma. We had everybody back. OU and Texas were losing their people. We had a chance to have the best defense in the conference. Offensively, we had everybody back there too. We won 9 games and we had done it with three quarterbacks… we beat Oklahoma by 28 points, Nebraska by 21, and we had everybody back. Yea I thought we had a chance for that to be our best team.” 

Leach on how long will he continue to coach: “Typically I plan to coach forever. Occasionally I plan to coach another hour.”

Leach on current Tech situation firing Chancellor Robert Duncan: “They may be up to their same mischief… I never really knew him, he was always in Austin. When I was there, we had five Presidents and three Chancellors, I got along with everybody except Kent Hance. He’s a sleazy, sneaky, self-promoting guy that’s willing to steal money.” 

Leach advice for Kliff Kingsbury: “The biggest thing is just worry about what’s going to help you be the best team that you can. You gotta lock in, bunker down, lock in your staff, lock in your team and don’t overdo anything, just focus on what you can do. Sometimes people try to overcompensate. Your best is your best and just stick with that.” 

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