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Bob Stoops Admits to Concerns Over New Redshirt Rule

NCAA Basketball: Iowa State at Oklahoma

Bob Stoops appears to be enjoying life. He is a retired multi-millionaire before the age of 60, he’s still a God at the University of Oklahoma, he gets to watch his sons play football there, he’s playing golf on Saturday mornings before games (he said as much during the game on Saturday) and he’s even growing a goatee!

Stoops made a visit to the booth during the Oklahoma vs. Baylor on Saturday afternoon and was asked about the new redshirt rule and how it’s affected college football. Incase you didn’t know, players can now play in up to four games before deciding to use a redshirt for that season.

Stoops said, “There’s been some unintended consequences to it. The purpose of it was to be able to use your whole roster until the end of the football year and now we’ve got guys conserving, or ‘now I’m going to save my year.’ It’s been different. I didn’t anticipate that.”

The former OU coach went on to say, “The same thing with the great receiver McClesky at Oklahoma State, he’s now not going to play the rest of the year. It’s going to change the dynamics on a lot of football teams.”

Based on what we saw from an overly relaxed Bob Stoops, especially when considering things like this new redshirt rule, he does not appear to be a guy that misses the sidelines. Well, I’m sure he misses the sidelines, but not the day-to-day minutiae and nonsense that goes into running a college football program.

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