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Listen: Mike Gundy Gets Pranked During Big 12 Teleconference

Mike Gundy

Considering the insanity of our news cycle right now, we all need a laugh once in a while. And we got just that on our Big 12 Teleconference on Tuesday. Head coach Mike Gundy was asked by a couple of pranksters about his issues last week with Jalen McCleskey and how he treated the media following that decision last week. I was on the call and heard it live, while admittedly laughing to myself.

Good work by Riley Gates, who works with our friends at GoPowerCat to pull the audio and post it on Twitter.

If you’re not an audio guy, here is the Q&A from Gundy’s call with the pranksters.

Frankly, I enjoyed just about every second of this. Gundy was petty last week and then he doubled down on the whole thing after the Kansas win when he basically said the threats that he allegedly made were not true and even if they were true, “he doesn’t have that kind of power anyway.” Who is believing that for a second? Not this guy! And neither should you.

My favorite line: “It seems like a lot of these reporters don’t have any respect for your unwarranted petulance, and I, for one, can’t beleive they’d have the nerve to do their jobs and not give in to your empty threats.” 

Pure gold. I need to find these guys for an interview, ASAP.

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