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Bill Snyder’s Cryptic Message Following Win Over Kansas

bill snyder after kansas state wins the texas bowl

It wasn’t always pretty. In fact, for much of the afternoon it was downright ugly. But in frigid Manhattan, Kansas State was able to avoid a loss to the Kansas Jayhawks, picking up a 21-17 win in the Sunflower Showdown.

The Wildcats had not lost to the Jayhawks since the Mark Mangino era, 2008 to be exact, when KU rolled to a 52-21 victory. But for much of Saturday afternoon, it looked like the streak would be snapped. Kansas led 3-0 at halftime, but then quarterback Alex Delton started doing what he does best: run the ball. The Wildcats were still trailing 17-14 with five minutes left in the fourth quarter, but were able to march down the field and cap off the drive with Delton’s quarterback draw for a score and the lead. Kansas’ hopes of a comeback ended when quarterback Peyton Bender had the ball slip out of his hands in the cold air and the Wildcats were able to recover.

The most intriguing part of this game came after the game, when head coach Bill Snyder was asked about the importance of this win. The head coach told FOX Sports Network, “Regardless of how close or not so close it is, but to win it the way we did, is highly significant in a lot of different ways. It’s something I don’t want to address. But by the same token it’s a value to all the youngesters in the program and our Kansas youngsters and seniors as well.”

Um, come again? Snyder discussed the importance of the win and then pointed out how significant the victory is, but added it’s “something I don’t want to address”.

What that exactly means is wide open to interpretation. But considering the rumors have been swirling about how much longer Bill Snyder is going to be the head coach and the fact that the leash on Snyder appears to be tightening, this is a very eye-opening comment from the head coach.

As for Kansas, this was the best chance for David Beaty to pick up a win down the stretch of the season after it was announced last week the head coach had been fired.

Kansas State still has a chance to make a bowl game, but they’ll have to win their final two games of the season against Texas Tech and Iowa State.

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