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Tom Herman Accused of Infidelity by Former Ohio State Assistant Zach Smith

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A lazy November Sunday night got completely out of hand thanks for disgraced former Ohio State assistant coach Zach Smith. He went on a Twitter rant against Texas Longhorns head coach Tom Herman, accusing Herman of cheating on his wife, Michelle, several times over the years and having evidence to back it up.

Smith has long accused Herman and his wife of giving money to his ex, Courtney Smith, who accused Smith of domestic violence, which then led to the alleged cover up by Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer, who was suspended while Ohio State University investigated the allegations of what Meyer knew and when. Herman and Smith were both on the Ohio State staff under Meyer before Herman took the head coaching job at Houston.

Meyer was eventually reinstated, Smith was fired, and for whatever reason he chose Sunday to unleash on Herman, who he has said is behind all these allegations against him that ruined his career. It’s well known that Smith did beat out Herman for a big-time Austin, Texas recruit last year and some alleged that’s one of the reasons Herman may have been motivated to help unveil the allegations against Smith from earlier this year.

Here are some of the Twitter highlights, or lowlights, from Smith on Sunday night.

That was not even all of it.

Smith ended the night by saying he was done for now, but he had “more coming.”

I think it’s safe to say Smith can take the word “coach” out of his Twitter handle, unless he plans to coach Pee Wee Football.

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