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Big 12 Makes Mistake Reprimanding Breckyn Hager for OU Jab

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Can we all lighten, up? Please? Apparently they aren’t in the Big 12 headquarters.

The conference publicly reprimanded Texas defensive end Breckyn Hager yesterday after he ribbed Oklahoma during an interview following his own team’s win over Iowa State on Saturday night.

Here’s how it all went down: Hager was rocking a cowboy hat and sunglasses with his hair braided, and as he was walking back to the locker room a reporter informed him that the Sooners had allowed 40 points to Kansas.

Hager turned around and said, “Hey, OU has no defense.”

Surprisingly, the Big 12 refs didn’t start throwing flags all over the field and require Texas and Iowa State to retake the field for a couple more plays.

But it was the follow up where Hager apparently crossed the line. He stopped again, pointed to a nearby clock and added: “Wait, wait, it’s 11:12 and what? OU still sucks.”

Oh the humanity!!!! Not in front of the women and children!!!!

What happened on Monday was ridiculous.

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby said Hager’s comments, “violated the conference rule that prohibits coaches, student-athletes, athletic department staff and university personnel from making negative comments about other member institutions for his remarks about the University of Oklahoma”. Bowslby added, “This is Mr. Hager’s second violation of the conference sportsmanship rules and, therefore, he is receiving a public reprimand and will be expected to issue a public apology for his inappropriate comments.”

Hager said he was “truly sorry” in a statement and said, “I had no ill intentions when I made my comments about Oklahoma, which included a phrase that’s used by fans, but I have to realize that it’s different coming from me. My thought process was that it would put a fun and light-hearted charge into the greatest rivalry in college football that my family has been involved in playing in for many years, but I can see now that was not the way to do it. I have the utmost respect for the University of Oklahoma and their football program.”

Are we really there in society? If so, this is as one person I know would say, “Sad!”

We often complain about pro sports and how the athletes don’t care anymore, or at least not nearly as much as fans do about the games and the outcomes. What makes college football the best sport in America is that the rivalries are still there and still matter, even though big money and arrogant administrators have tried to destroy many of these rivalries with conference realignment.

Still, to think that Breckyn Hager feels this strongly about Oklahoma to give ’em a hard time in a relatively harmless way after his Longhorns just beat another team is a reminder that these guys, or at least this guy, cares. We should cherish that. Or at least, we certainly shouldn’t reprimand him.

You would think these wouldn’t be such slow times in the Big 12 headquarters. Their second Big 12 Championship game is just over one week away, or at least the second in this new version of the conference.

Apparently not.

However, it’s a refreshing reminder that the folks who are getting their salaries paid courtesy of the hard work the young men on the field are keeping busy with such frivolous nonsense.

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