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Bob Stoops Denies Reports of Meeting With Auburn

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at West Virginia

As the coaching carousel continues this week, one name that popped up out of no where was former Oklahoma Sooners head coach Bob Stoops.

On Monday, reported, “For what it is worth, FootballScoop was told that people representing Auburn met with Bob Stoops a few weeks back.”

This was in the wake of reports that Auburn may be considering moving on from Gus Malzahn, despite the fact that he signed a contract extension last year and he has a buyout of over $30 million.

Well George Schroeder as USA Today caught up with Stoops who denied the entire report, saying:

That’s as emphatic of a denial as it gets, and it’s hard to blame Stoops, who has been linked to several NFL and college football jobs ever since he stepped away from OU a year and a half ago. But remember, Stoops’ sons are playing on the Oklahoma football team, he doesn’t need the paycheck, and he’s now spent the majority of his adult life in Norman, Oklahoma.

But this is what the college football offseason has become. Boosters who think they have more sway and know more than they do leak stories that sometimes might have a faction of truth to them, but also might not be as factual as even they thought. Agents spread stories as well to try and prop up their own clients, sometimes for not even the ones they are leaking reports on, and round and round we go.

However for fans, its an exhilarating time. Buckle your seatbelt.

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