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Kliff Kingsbury Interviews for Jets, Cardinals Head Coaching Jobs

NCAA Football: Eastern Washington at Texas Tech

After getting fired by Texas Tech following a 5-7 season, teams continue to salivate over Kliff Kingsbury. Kingsbury was since hired by the USC Trojans as their offensive coordinator, but there have also been requests by the Arizona Cardinals and New York Jets to interview for their head coaching openings. USC was initially blocking Kingsbury’s ability to speak with other teams, but that changed on Monday.

Both teams have young quarterbacks looking for growth and grooming. The Cardinals have Josh Rosen, the rookie quarterback out of UCLA, while the Jets have fellow rookie Sam Darnold. Kingsbury’s history in grooming young quarterbacks is well regarded between Johnny Manziel during his time at Texas A&M, where Kingsbury was the offensive coordinator. Then, most notably, Patrick Mahomes, who is now tearing up the NFL with the Kansas City Chiefs who earned the No. 1 seed in the AFC, along with true freshman Alan Bowman this season with the Red Raiders.

Kingsbury actually was on the Jets briefly in 2005. He played in his only NFL game with the team, completing one pass.

Jets stud safety Jamal Adams is one who has voiced his pleasure with the Jets considering Kingsbury.

The New England Patriots could also have interest in Kingsbury as an offensive coordinator if Josh McDaniels ends up as a head coach in the league, according to Pro Football Talk.

It is unclear whether Kingsbury resigned from USC or the school relented and gave teams permission. A school spokesman simply said, “He’s still listed on our website’s Athletic Department staff directory.”

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