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Ranking 2019 Big 12 Non-Conference Games, No. 10: Kansas at Boston College

NCAA Football: Texas at Kansas

Over the coming days, we will have some fun ranking the top 10 non-conference games in the 2019 Big 12 football season. Of course, there was plenty of debate, but this list was compiled by HCS writers Pete Mundo and Derek Duke. Some we agreed on, others we didn’t, and we simply averaged out our differences to find the top 10 games in September that Big 12 fans will have a chance to start anticipating as the college football season (finally!) approaches.


No. 10: The Kansas Jayhawks at the Boston College Eagles

The Jayhawks begin the Les Miles era with two home games against lesser competition in Indiana State and Coastal Carolina. Regardless of the outcome, there will be intrigue heading into Chesnut Hill, Massachusetts. If Kansas is 2-0, the Les Miles hype train will start to build, simply because 2-0 at KU is a big deal. If they’re 1-1, fans will look at this game as a real litmus test. And if they’re 0-2 out of the gates with this road trip on deck, some fans might prefer to leave Les in the Boston area and let him eat the grass up there.

Plus, this game is on a Friday night against a BC team that is beginning to turn things around from its own disappointment in recent seasons. Last season the Eagles went 7-5, but the season was much more exciting than the final record indicated. They were 7-2 in November heading into their home game against Clemson, which they lost and closed the season on a three-game losing streak before their bowl game was cancelled.

So, for Les Miles and KU, if the turnaround is to start even earlier than many fans expect, this will be, if nothing else, as very interesting game to keep an eye on.

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