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Watch: High School Freshman Trolls Tom Herman with Horns Down

Parker Andrews

There’s trolling and then there’s… trolling. For one Oklahoma Sooners fan, he got his viral moment over the weekend.

Parker Andrews is a soon-to-be freshman in the Oklahoma City area and he happened to be down in Texas for a football camp. At the camp, he met Texas head coach Tom Herman. Well for Andrews, clearly an Oklahoma fan, this was his moment.


As you can see in the video below, as they go to take a photo together, while Herman is looking at the camera, Andrews flips to “Horns Down”. I love how Herman looks over at him twice, somewhat confused, as if he didn’t know whether or not Andrews was done with the photo or if he was really going “Horns Down”.

Regardless, should Lincoln Riley be offering Parker Andrews a scholarship before he plans a down of high school football, just because?

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