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Mike Gundy on NFL interest: ‘I’d Lean Toward No At This Time’

Mike Gundy is always one of the most interesting people to talk to in college football, so any interview he does is worth looking into, especially this one with the Tulsa World. And with so much intrigue surrounding how Kliff Kingsbury is going to handle being an NFL head coach, why not ask one of his former foes if he might have interest?

Mike Gundy had the following to say about whether or not he would have any interest in coaching in the NFL one day, saying, “If I ever decided to do it, I would probably be too old for it. It’s something that’s intriguing, but I’m really driven here. The culture part – I read about (NFL players) not showing up for practice or (organized team activities), and I don’t know if I could deal with that. I’d have a problem with things like that, so I’d lean toward no at this time.”


At times in recent years, Gundy has had a contentious relationship with megabooster T. Boone Pickens and athletic director Mike Holder at Oklahoma State, often leading to speculation as to whether or not he is going to stay with the program he played for a grew up in as a coach.

However, it seems like Gundy has become more appreciative and satisfied with his situation, and Oklahoma State must feel the same in return. Gundy is going on 20 seasons with the Pokes, dating back to when he started as an assistant with the program in 2001 before he became the head coach after Les Miles in 2005. Since then he’s 121-59 as a head coach with three ten-win seasons in a row from 2015 to 2017 and of course the near-perfect 2011 season that almost saw Oklahoma State reach the National Championship Game.

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