12 Big Football Scandals Which Gripped the Nation

Baylor University

College football is a crucial component of national football culture, and the industry is not without its scandals that have contributed to its development in the contemporary world of football. Here are some notable scandals which gripped the nation.

Baylor Sexual Assault

The Baylor sexual assault scandal was essentially a development that came from multiple allegations of sexual assault alleged to have been carried out by students playing in the Baylor Bears football team at Baylor University.

As more allegations arose, it grew to be more than a few outlying incidents. The New York Times reported that at least 52 incidents of sexual assault were carried out by student athletes at Baylor University between 2011 and 2014.

As a result, acting head coach Art Briles was fired, Title IX coordinator Patty Crawford resigned, and athletic director Ian McCaw was sanctioned before leaving. Despite still awaiting action from the NCAA, this is one of the biggest scandals in college football – with a notable university’s name and reputation being torn apart, making a lasting impact on their football performance.

Gary Barnett

Gary Barnett was the head coach for Boulder, Colorado and was under heavy scrutiny after mishandling a series of sexual assault allegations, including an allegation that “sex, alcohol and drugs were used to lure football recruits to the University of Colorado”.

After a series of sexual assault allegations against a player, including one Katie Hnida (a former placekicker who Barnett referred to as an “awful player”) he was put on paid administration leave before stepping down completely.

As a result of accusations surrounding the university’s recruitment methods, recruitment success worsened. This had a directly negative impact on the team’s performance and resulted in ten lost seasons. Essentially, the team’s performance had drastically declined without the need for any major sanctions or legal action to be imposed.

Bosting College Betting

In 1996, the players at Boston College placed bets on their own team to lose to Syracuse. Syracuse then went on to win 45-17 against the team. The acting head coach Dan Henning heard rumours of this, but waited until the match was over before he said anything.

As a result, thirteen players were suspended, with six banned for an indefinite period of time.

As of May 2018, legislation was passed that granted individual states to mandate their own sports gambling laws, and there are only a few states in which sports gambling has officially been legalised. The Boston scandal was only one of a series of incidents that made it necessary to legislate against gambling – other notable scandals include the 1951 CCNY Point Shaving scandal, John “Hot Rod” Williams in 1985, and Paul Hornung & Alex Karrass in 1960. All of these incidents undermined sport’s competitive credibility, leaving a lasting impact that remains to this day.


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