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Texas DB DeMarvion Overshown Calls Out LeBron James Haters

NCAA Football: Texas at Oklahoma State

It’s July and it’s a slow time of year for the sports talk folks around the country. They’re dying for a story to latch onto and they seemingly found one in LeBron James’ reaction to a great play by his son at a recent AAU game. LeBron jumped on the court and was high fiving and chest bumping players.

Check it out here for a closer look.

For his reaction, many of the hot-take media folks are saying LeBron is the prime example of the parent no coach wants to deal with at the AAU level. Hey, I guess this stuff sells.


Anyway, Texas DB DeMarvion Overshown jumped in the debate and had one of the more mature takes, which is saying something considering he’s a college student and most of the people arguing in the spotlight are grown men.


Overshown is making total sense and he’s coming at it from a personal experience angle. Too many kids today are coming from homes without fathers. There’s nothing a son wants more than his father to be there to cheer him on. Maybe you can argue it was a bit overboard, but to use that argument, you’re also leaving out a pretty big factor… the dude is LeBron James, he’s not Average Joe Dad!

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