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Sooners RB Kennedy Brooks accused of physical, mental abuse by student

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Oklahoma

The Sooners received some unwanted publicity and news on Friday when OU student Mallory Jech shared a thread of tweets accusing Oklahoma running back Kennedy Brooks of alleged “mental and physical abuse”.

This thread was posted less than a month after Brooks was cleared of a Title IX investigation on July 9.

Jech started her thread, saying, “I’m being played as the girl who lied about being abused. However, I’m the girl who protected a liar & an abuser’s career. Until now.”

Jech went on to give more detail, saying her and Brooks dated from June 2018 until March 2019, including living together at some point. She went on to say she was “used, cheated on, manipulated and abused both mentally AND physically.” She added, “the last thing that needs to happen is for little boys to look up to him and view him as a role model.”


Jech admits she initially protected Brooks, going to Title IX a “few months” before May to detail her story, but decided not to report any incidents in fear of ruining his career and putting herself in danger.

But once she came forward in May, she was disappointed in how Title IX operated, tweeting, “Title IX does nothing for the victim. They make you believe they are doing their best to help you—their “best” is changing his Fall schedule so I don’t have to sit in 3 classes with the person who has permanently affected the way I continue to live my life.”

She then laid into OU, adding, “The University of Oklahoma does not value their students. OU only cares about their money. And God forbid something happen to one of their athletes who bring in millions of dollars every Saturday.”

Jech went on to say she would not be silenced. Let’s see how this story unfolds.

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