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Houston Football Player Justin Murphy Rips Dana Holgorsen

NCAA Football: Heart of Dallas Bowl-Utah vs West Virginia

With former West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen now leading the Houston Cougars, the transition for Neal Brown in Morgantown appears to be going much better than the one in Houston.

Here is now ex-Houston player Justin Murphy with a lengthy thread discussing how poorly things have gone this season with the Cougars and why he’s leaving the team.


The thread takes up about 15-20 tweets and if you click on Murphy’s tweet above you’ll catch the entire thread. But some of his more notable points include saying that Houston’s season went off the rails with four games to start the season in 19 days, which wore out the team and resulted in Holgorsen asking many seniors to use a red shirt so they could come back in 2020. Murphy said he had too many knee surgeries so he was going to stop playing, adding, “I at least hope my time as a 4 game starter warrants the only guaranteed compensation I have, a single semester full athletic scholarship valuing at $14,686.71.”

Murphy added that Holgorsen gave the team an ultimatum, saying if you’re not “100% committed” to the team, then you should no longer be on the team. As the player was headed for a 5th knee surgery he said he decided to tell Holgorsen he was leaving the program.

The head coach responded, according to Murphy, with the following.


Murphy’s second to last tweet, said, ” As a person that is guaranteed a non-salary compensation of S3.4 million to go along with a $300,000 base salary for the 2019 year, one might think you’d have a better outlook on the players that contribute to your compensation. I mean this is a team sport, right?”

As for the final tweet. It was simply…


Yikes. It sounds like things are really going well thus far for Dana in his new stomping grounds.

The Mountaineers may be struggling a bit on the field with Neal Brown thus far, but it was to be expected, and there’s no doubt this program is heading in the right direction. You can’t necessarily make that statement in south Texas.

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