Last Week In College Football: Everything You Need to Know From The Big 12 Clash

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Baylor

The Big 12 is well and truly underway and as week eight draws nearer, we can’t help but look back on the surprising results of week seven and the current standings of the league. With a number of additional injuries and some surprises from all teams, week eight is set to be an outstanding one for all teams that are facing off. With this in mind, we will be providing you with a recap of last week’s events as well as some predictions for week eight to get you excited for the rest of the competition.

Week 7 Recap

Oklahoma Vs Texas

This past weekend, Oklahoma and Texas clashed in front of a huge crowd to take the lead in the Big 12 competition, with a strong defence in the first half, it looked promising for the Longhorns as their defence looked dominant, however, this was all about to change in the second half. With the defence strong up until this point, it was the Oklahoma and their star wide receiver that stole the show. With 3 touchdowns and a staggering 10 catches the team made light work of the Longhorns defence seeing them take a 34-27 victory over the team leading them to victory.  

Texas Tech vs Baylor

Baylor Bears are still holding onto their title of the longest-running winning streak in the big 12 as Charlie Brewer found a way to lead them to victory in the final few minutes of the game. This game was a close call for both sides with a number of chances for both teams to score it Was a touch down in the final minutes that sealed the victory for the Baylor bears seeing them retain their 8-game winning streak dating as far back as last season. This is a promising side in the Big 12 and certainly one to look out for when looking out for moving forward in the competition.

Iowa State vs West Virginia  

The final game that took place last week was the showdown between the Cyclones and the Mountaineers which was set to be a great one for many. With a number of star players heading out on the field as well as newcomer Breece Hall making his debut as the teams right back, it looked promising for the Cyclones as the stronger side and they certainly did not disappoint. With a substitution due to a chest injury taken by Kendal Jackson, the cyclones played on to see themselves though with a 38-14 victory over the mountaineers leaving them 4th in the standings following this week’s gameplay.

The Weeks Standings

Following the outstanding gameplay taking place in week 7 the bookmakers have developed a wide range of ways for people to bet on their favourite team to win. With Oklahoma and Baylor taking the top two spots they are looking like the favourites to come out on top in the competition as the team move forward to week eight of gameplay and with Texas and Iowa State on their tail the competition is heating up.

Week Eight Predictions

As week eight begins to draw ever closer, there are a number of matchups that are worth looking out for. With many predicting that Oklahoma will take home the top spot this year, it is vital that they secure a win against West Virginia on Saturday 19th to maintain their lead. But what other games are there to look forward to out of the total 5 games this weekend?

Texas Tech vs Iowa State

One of the games to look forward to this weekend is the match-up between Texas Tech and Iowa State. With the team hot off the heels of their success against the West Virginia Mountaineers the Cyclones are looking to continue this success with a victory against the Texas Tech Red Raiders.  This Texas side is known for their week defence which could be troublesome for the side as the Cyclones open up with an all-out attack early on in the game. However, as the game draws closer, only time will tell as to who will take the victory.

Kansas State vs TCU

In addition to this matchup, there is also the game between the TCU Horned Frogs and the Kansas State Wildcats. With a number of games both won and lost, everything is to play for in this matchup the Wildcats have a lot to prove as they are coming from two straight losses scoring under 14 points for each.

Texas Vs Kansas

Everyone loves an underdog in college football, but Texas could be without 10 of their normal players in the match at the weekend as Sterns, Green and Thompson remain side-lined. With Johnson in concussion protocol and McCulloch with a dislocated shoulder, it appears that Kansas State has the upper hand when looking ahead to game day, but it is still all to p0lay for. With the Texas side a number of players down, there are set to come out fighting with a point to prove, potentially making this one of the biggest games of the season so far.

With this in mind, there are set to be a number of other games taking place in this competition, all of which working up to the final of who can be the best of the best when to comes to this highly competitive sport. Which of these games will you be watching?

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