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Football Guy: TCU OC Sonny Cumbie Eats Gum Off the Field

sonny cumbie gum photo

TCU beat the Texas Longhorns on Saturday 37-27 and the offense had arguably its best performance of the season. After true freshman QB Max Duggan scored the game-clinching touchdown, offensive coordinator Sonny Cumbie, who has been criticized plenty this season, was pretty jacked up.

Cumbie was so excited his gum fell out of his mouth while celebrating and he’s apparently a believer in the five-second rule, because he picked up the piece of gum and put it right back in his mouth.

Football guy. Take a look below.


There were plenty of other examples of Cumbie getting fired up on the sidelines on Saturday.


This is great stuff. Cumbie is in full-blown IDGAF mentality and frankly, he needs to get their more often. The offense has had an up-and-down season and many fans wondered whether or not Cumbie was still the right guy for the job.

What we saw was a guy who was letting out weeks of emotion and stress and for that, he should be allowed to pick that piece of gum off the floor and keep chewing it, because if he didn’t, he literally might have exploded. That’s how fired up he was in that moment.

So while Patterson might be questioning Cumbie more than usual this season, at least he knows his offensive coordinator is still a “Football Guy”.

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