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Fox Sports 1 Broadcaster Apologizes For Awkward Moment Involving KU Receiver’s Father

NCAA Football: Kansas at Baylor

Studying up for a broadcast involves hours of work and pouring over game notes. However, the little details can even get by some of the best of them.

During Oklahoma State’s 31-13 win over Kansas on Saturday, Fox Sports 1’s Dan Hellie and Ben Leber of Fox Sports 1 talked about the father of KU receiver Kwamie Lassiter.

Leber went on to crack a joke, saying, “He is Kwamie Lassiter II. I played with Kwamie Lassiter the first, his father, when I was a member of the then-San Diego Chargers, so Kwamie if you’re watching and listening, hope you’re doing well. Hope everything’s going well in Arizona for you, man.”

Hellie added,  “Well, your former teammate has been busy. He has eight kids. Kwamie with seven brothers and sisters, so a big family. Hopefully they’re all watching.”


Well, no one apparently told Hellie and Leber that Lassiter Sr. passed away in January.

Here was how the exchange went down during the game.


Leber, the former Kansas State star, apologized on Twitter:


It doesn’t get more awkward than that.

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