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TexAgs Tries to Rip Big 12, Ends With Greatest Self-Own of All Time

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Texas A&M fans have the worst little-man syndrome in all of American sports. They’re desperate for everyone else outside of their bubble to respect them. The problem is, there has never been a reason to respect Texas A&M football.

Be it the Southwest Conference, Big 12 or SEC, they play mediocre football. Sure, some seasons pop here and there. But the program has never been, and if history is any lesson, will never be what it thinks it should be.

Regardless, TexAgs, a Texas A&M fan-boy website, decided to release a video goofing on the Big 12. Why? Who knows. I guess this is part of the healing process to make themselves feel better as they careen towards run-of-the-mill bowl game.

Here is the video, then we can dissect it.


There were the digs off the top, “A conference that is like no other, but not in a good way.” Also, “A conference that features all the best teams in Kansas.” Cute, whatever, fine.

Then there was this, “A conference that drove away three of its best teams, and Missouri.”

Did I hear that right? The teams the video refers to are obviously Texas A&M, Nebraska, Colorado and Missouri. The folks at TexAgs have their heads so far up their own asses, they try to rip on Missouri, but end up ripping on themselves. Why? Because Texas A&M won three Division titles in the Big 12. Guess how many Mizzou won? Yep, three.

Meantime, Nebraska won six and Colorado won four. Go figure!

Oh, and did the Big 12 really drive Texas A&M away?! Talk about revisionist history. The Aggies were sick of being Texas’ little brother, got triggered by the Longhorn Network and ran away. Sure, leadership in the conference was garbage, which resulted in the conference nearly collapsing, but come on. That’s not an accurate portrayal of how things went down. And honest A&M fans will admit as much.

Let’s continue.

“A conference where Baylor is somehow competitive.”

I find that interesting since Baylor has two conference titles and Texas A&M won one. Sure, both came after Texas A&M left for the SEC. But does anyone in their right mind think that Baylor suddenly won Big 12 titles in 2013 and 2014 because Texas A&M left the conference?

Maybe at TexAgs, but no one who isn’t wearing maroon and white would think such nonsense.

Let’s move on to the final portion of this gem of a video.

“Welcome to the Big 12. A conference where all teams are equal, but some teams are more equal than others.”

The dig at the Big 12 is that it’s a bunch of mediocre teams beating each other up. This is the “S-E-C! S-E-C!” argument that fans from all the schools in the conference who never win make on a year in, year out basis.

It goes as follows: “Yea we aren’t very good. But, but, but …. we are in the SEC!”


Texas A&M went 68-61 in conference play in the Big 12. They are currently 34-28 in the SEC. Not much different, huh?

TexAgs and A&M fans can certainly goof on the Big 12 Conference whenever they’d like to. But you’d think that a fan base that continues to flounder in mediocrity, despite signing a head coach to a $75 million contract and pouring millions into facilities, would have something better to do than look in their rear view mirror.

Anyways, enjoy another Belk Bowl this year Aggies. We heard Charlotte is beautiful in late December.

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