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Reports: Power 5 Athletic Directors Open to New Eight-Team College Football Playoff

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Clemson vs Alabama

The College Football Playoff is right around the corner and while there was little controversy on who the four teams in the Playoff should be, that doesn’t stop some folks from continuing to consider and speculate on expansion.

One of those speculating was Big Ten commissioner Jim Delay, who according to Brett McMurphy, would be in favor of an eight-team playoff.


However, a tweet from Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger had some information with a little more clarity and information to it, citing a specific proposal that is already being floated out there.


I understand money is the name of the game (for any sport). However, this system, which had many skeptics out of the gates, has proven to be more resilient than many give it credit for.

More often than not, it has produced the right teams with a limited amount of drama. Sure, that could’ve been different this year if Utah beat Oregon and it was down to a 12-1 Oklahoma or a 12-1 Utah. But that didn’t happen.

I understand the want to include a Group of 5 team, because those conferences have essentially zero chance every year to make the College Football Playoff. But is that reason enough to dilute the best regular season in all of sports?

I don’t think it is.

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