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Matt Rhule: ‘If You’re Complaining on National Signing Day, Then You Really Have Issues’

Matt Rhule

Matt Rhule was having none of a small subset of Baylor fans complaining on National Signing Day. Why were fans complaining?

Well because this year Baylor did something out-of-the-box when it introduced recruits to the program with puppets. Yea, kind of weird. I can’t say it’s something I think is “really cool”. But hey, it’s original and it’s not something Baylor fans should think twice about based on what Matt Rhule has done for this program the past three seasons. But of course there is always that group of fans in most fan bases who complain about, well… everything.

Here is an example of one of those videos, if you haven’t seen them.


So with those fans’ complaints, Rhule called them out, something he is more than allowed to do after an 11-win season and an overtime possession from a Big 12 Championship and a College Football Playoff appearance.

Rhule said, “If you’re complaining on national signing day, then you really have issues, just for the record. If you’re complaining about commitment videos — meanwhile our creative team is going to go viral, literally, we’re going to go viral for a positive thing at Baylor. And there’s going to be some people complaining… if you’re complaining on National Signing Day, you’re not one of us.”

Rhule went on to add, “Recruits are reading what you’re writing, they’re watching it. I just think, you know what, since I’ve been here, there’s been a certain group of people that have never really been too excited about anything we’ve done, from the coaches I’ve hired to the people I’ve recruited to the uniforms we’ve had, to anything — but they’re certainly excited to put up that 11 wins.”

Here is the full quote to review.


Boom. That’s Matt Rhule owning the small subset of Baylor fans who were out there two years ago still defending Art Briles saying he got screwed. I assume this is a similar group. And good for Rhule for calling them out. They deserve it and he’s earned the right to do it.

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