Boxing training can help improve footballer’s performances

As is the aggressive and brutal nature of American Football, it often gets dubbed a ‘combat sport’ due to the impact players take during each and every game. 

There are the same type of dangers involved with stepping into the ring as there when running on to the football pitch. Head and spine injuries are the worst that can happen unfortunately, as they sometimes sadly come with the territory of being hit to the head in a fight or being tackled viciously in a match. 

While there are similarities with regards to both sports, there are also benefits when it comes to training during the football season despite not being a boxer. Boxing training can be implemented to help boost certain aspects of a player’s game and bolster their credentials and strengths for any season ahead. 

Particularly during the off-season boxing training is especially useful for footballers, as there are only certain times of the year that they can actually get on to the pitch and carry out their usual methods and routines (with weather restrictions being one key reason).

So, when players arent able to get out on the field, what better way to keep in shape and maintain a tough training approach than through boxing? They stay indoors, get their gloves on and start punching during the off-season!

Key elements of boxing that players can utilise and keep fit are through hand combat drills, footwork moves, bag work, pad work, strength and conditioning, light sparring, interval training and speed bag work among much more. 

There’s a big connection in the sport of boxing right now at the pinnacle, with America’s world heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder being a former football player himself. Meanwhile, former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall also recently swapped the NFL for the boxing ring in an attempt to carve a prize-fighting career for himself. 

Reigning WBC heavyweight title holder Wilder is one of the leading names in the sport across the United States though and he is a former wide receiver too and was looking like becoming a top player from his High School days. 

But he eventually took to boxing instead, which was clearly the right choice! Wilder is regarded as the 11/10 outsider in the boxing betting from bet365 to prevail in his upcoming rematch with English nemesis Tyson Fury, following on from the drama and excitement of their initial encounter before last Christmas in 2018. 

Meanwhile, Fury is seen as the odds-on 8/11 favourite to have his hand raised the second time around and secure the victory that many felt he was robbed of in the first match-up in Las Vegas. 

Footballer players hoping to remain in peak condition for their upcoming games can implement plenty of Wilder’s training methods into their own routines in order to be fully ready for what’s ahead. 

Using combats sports in the NFL is becoming increasingly popular according to reports, with players evidently realising the potential to take their game to the next level with the help of boxing training and it’s a trend that will likely continue to grow in the coming years. 

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